Hi-Tech Pictures Of Facebook’s Cold Data Centre Have Been Unveiled By Mark Zuckerberg

It is not a simple task to run some of the world’s largest data and Mark Zuckerberg has recently unveiled the high-tech technology that they employ in order to do it.


As of September 2016, Facebook has more than 1.13 billion daily active users and therefore it is the third-busiest site on the internet. All that traffic results in a lot of data. Actually, more than 600 TB of information is processed by Facebook per day that needs an extraordinary network of warehouses which store upwards of 300 PB of Hive data.


As millions of pictures and videos are uploaded everyday by users, hence Facebook is expanding day by day. In addition to the 1 million websites and hundreds of thousands of applications, the induction of 360-degrees videos which Facebook services requires the company to store the data within massive data warehouses.


The data centres need to expand now due to the unceasing increase of traffic. Currently, Facebook is in the plans of constructing two immense warehouses of 307,000 square feet 487,000-square feet respectively. The most interesting among them is perhaps the Luleå data centre located in Sweden. The centre is just over 100 km south of the Arctic Circle, making the climate extremely cold all year round. The temperature sits no higher than 10°C (about 50 °F) normally and hence, luckily, the cold air is perfect for cooling down the servers. The Luleå centre simply pumps the outside air in rather than using large air conditioners.



Nearby rivers are used to generate the electricity by twelve local hydroelectric plants, a requirement to run the warehouse. While utilizing 40% less power as compared to traditional data centres, the strategic placement empowers the entire system to stay 10% more efficient. Regardless of the immense savings, the complex is the size of six football fields.


Just like Facebook, everything that is stored on the ‘cloud’ is directed to a data warehouse as opposed to its name. Every picture, like, and candy crush request makes its way into a server where it is stored for eternity- or at least until someone shuts it off.


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