Here is How You Should Transform Your Old Coffee Table

We tend to throw away things we think look shabby, or we’re tired of looking at, or if it’s the only thing left to do.  What we should actually do is try to save it, turn it into something new.  It might take some elbow grease, but the end result could be quite gratifying.

Some people buy beat up items and put a little DIY effort in it to create something awesome.  One guy did just that when he bought an old coffee table at a flea market and turned it into an amazing looking ottoman. Let’s take a look at how he did what he did.

This is what he had to work with.


He first cut off the edges of the tabletop to meet specific measurement requirements.


He then marked exactly where the buttons of the ottoman should be placed.


He then covered the table with foam sheets.


Now that all the measuring a planning was done, it was time to drill the button holes.


Layers and layers of foam were covered with batting and attached to the ottoman.  Now it was time for the upholstery.


Once the upholstery was fixed, it was time to sew on the buttons.  The buttons were threaded down the surface and then stapled under the table.


For a professional touch, a tack trim lined the edges of the ottoman.


Voila!!!! The finished product……not bad for an old coffee table.

ottoman8 ottoman10

It’s great to see a piece of junk become something useful.

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