HELCY Is A Laptop Case That Fixes Your Back Problems

We all are culprits when it comes time to sitting infront of our laptops, clicking away at our keyboards.  Working hard is great but not when you put your spine at stake.  That’s where the product HELCY, the Healthy Ergonomic Laptop Case is beneficial to your health.

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Amanda Birkenholz, founder and CEO of Helcy along with her team have come up with a laptop case that will solve the problem of constantly being hunched over a screen.  Helcy says it’s the “only laptop bag that improves posture.”  Using a pair of leather carrying straps, Helcy bend to an adjustable height, acting as a laptop stand.

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The laptop case has also received medical recognition.  Dr. Heilman, member of the German American Association of Osteopathy has endorsed HELCY.  “Bad posture can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury syndrome, which causes muscle tensions, back pain and headaches,”  Heilmann explains.  “HELCY improves your posture, your health and your happiness as well as saves you from chronic pain.”

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It’s pretty to simple to use, lightweight and slim.  The ergonomic shoulder strap make it comfortable to carry.  HELCY can be used as a bag as well as a sleeve.  The outer pocket is flat to store essential items.  It is available in three colors, bordeaux, black and cognac.  Fixing poor posture will solve many health problems that you could incur.  Sitting up straight will also improve your breathing and productivity.

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HELCY is made from high quality leather, a soft vegetable tanned cow leather.  The laptop case fits any brand laptop and your business cards.  Inner pockets allow safe keeping for your personal belongings.  It is upholstered on the inside as well, giving a rich, elegant look.  The leather is water resistant but the bag isn’t completely waterproof.  The product is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  It was 75% backed within 24 hours.  Production will begin in April 2016 and deliveries will begin as soon as June 2016.

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