Have a Secure Home with BeON Light Bulbs

When you’re home alone or not home at all you want your home to be secure. Law enforcement agencies routinely recommend leaving a light on when out of the house, since burglars often target homes that appear to be empty, but a steady light might not fool crooks.  A Cambridge company called BeON Home has created a light bulb to learn your lighting habits and replicate them when you’re away, creating the illusion of an occupied home.


“It’s like a DVR for your lighting, and it plays back when you’re gone,”said BeON chief executive Alexei Erchak. The system is not replacing the light bulb, but merely making the light bulb more functional.  The light bulb called ‘The BeON Burglar Deterrent’ looks like, and can act as, a normal light bulb.  It screws into a regular socket and produces 800 lumens of white LED light.


The light bulb connects to a mobile app and records your lighting habits. So, when you leave for the weekend, you can replay your previous lighting patterns to fool burglars into thinking you’re home.  If a burglar rings the door bell to see if anyone’s home, lights will turn on in succession.  For example, a bedroom light may turn on first, followed by the hallway, indicating movement inside the house.  BeON also recognizes when fire alarms go off.  Once the alarm goes off, all the bulbs turn on immediately to full power, lighting the way out if there’s danger.  Each bulb has a built-in backup battery so they can keep your home lit even during a power outage.


A pack of three bulbs cost a whopping $239 which seems like a pretty high price to pay for a bulb, but the company hopes that consumers see this as an affordable way to help secure a home and not like a bulb that can be controlled via smartphone. The company plans on adding sound to the devices to scare off burglars, such as a dog barking or a shotgun cocking.  So paying the price might buy you a safe home.

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