Hanson Robotics Launches Professor Einstein Robot

Hanson Robotics has recently launched Professor Einstein Robot as a Kickstarter campaign which highlights the physical features of its muse skillfully. This 14.5-inch Professor Einstein Robot is capable of walking, talking and teaching science with lifelike facial expressions. This robot has been developed to be a loveable teacher full of entertaining anecdotes, deep knowledge and emotional responses. It can also imitate the most iconic photograph of Albert Einstein in which he stuck out his tongue.

Hanson Robotics Launches Professor Einstein Robot

Professor Einstein Robot is voice-controlled machine which can modify its facial expressions according to the situation. For example, the robot raises its eyebrows when it comes across an astonishing fact.

The team that creates the world’s most lifelike robots, provided with incredible aesthetics, expressiveness, and interactivity worked to develop Professor Einstein Robot. David Hanson and Andy Rifkin of Hanson Robotics teamed up to create this ingenious robot.

Everything about Professor Einstein, ranging from mannerisms to games about scientific theories, has been developed in order to make the world of science accessible and entertaining. Primarily, this robot was made to be a study buddy for kids at the age of 13 and older. Moreover, it is compatible with iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 6s, 6s Plus, iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 3, 4th generation, and Android OS 4.4.4 or later.

Hanson Robotics Launches Professor Einstein Robot

With the help of an application called “Stein-O-Matic”, the robot guides its user with eye-popping slideshows, interactive lessons, brain games, daily mental kick starts, jokes, thought experiments and more. Also, the robust reward system lets the user to get IQ points that can be spent to unlock special items, avatar upgrades, and bonus games.

Stein-O-Matic has a clean and simple interface. When kids are watching research videos, working on brain games, or playing the space rocket game that make gravity evident, Professor Einstein gets busy in giving additional context and directions on the activities. Besides, it also encourages kids if they fail and gives compliments when they do well.

Professor Einstein Robot is capable of operating both online and offline. It employs natural speech processing when connected to the cloud by means of WiFi. Hanson Robotics taps into open-sourced APIs, instead of building its own speech recognition technique, which allows the robot to tell you about Donald Trump or pull up weather updates.

Hanson Robotics Launches Professor Einstein Robot

Professor Einstein’s robot takes a few seconds to warm up before starting to walk across a flat surface when he is told to do so. It depends on infrared sensors that are installed in the outsoles of its shoes to ensure it is on solid ground and doesn’t fall of a table without lifting legs or complex bending of robotic joints.

As compared to Google Home or Amazon Echo, the speakers of the robot lack the clarity of sound as they are placed within the robot. A whirring sound is made when it moves its mouth and head to express itself, which makes the voice much harder to pay attention to. In addition, its speed to collect information from the web is also slow when compared, for instance, with Alexa. Nevertheless, it takes the time it needs by politely saying “Let me think about that for a moment”, which helps in developing a more real connection between the robot and the user.

Furthermore, Professor Einstein is capable of comprehending the movements of the face right in front of him by means of a camera installed behind a small hole in its black tie. This tracking system is known as “blob detection” and it is very different than typical facial recognition systems. Although, it does not record or memorize faces, it assists the robot in spotting facial expressions and keeping an eye contact with the user throughout the conversation.

To get better understanding, take a look at the video below:

While broadcasting that kids will be able to get their personal prodigies before April, the company said:

“We have completed most of our prototyping phases and have a top-tier manufacturer set up to begin production as early as March for delivery to you in April. Our Chief Technology Officer and inventor of Professor Einstein has shipped over $6 billion of consumer entertainment/education products and was a senior executive at Mattel and Warner Brothers, so he has a proven track record of bringing mass consumer products to market.”

Well, you must know that Professor Einstein is not the first commercial robot of Hanson Robotics, neither is it their first attempt at building a talking humanoid. Hong-Kong based company is generally famous for creating android robots that feature lifelike expressions. Hanson Robotics’ most vital samples are BINA48, broadly celebrated as one of the most realistic robots, and a lifesize Einstein named Hubo. Also, another humanoid robot, Chatty Sophia, built by Hanson Robotics, is renowned due to the attention it got in last year’s SXSW.

In case you want to know more about Professor Einstein Robot or want to support or get one for yourself, visit its Kickstarter page.


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