Hamster Wheel Standing Desk: Make Working Healthy

If you’re worried about the lack of exercise you get while you’re sitting at your desk all day, the new Hamster Wheel Standing Desk might be the solution to your problems. This new invention hopes to deal with the workplace productivity and healthy lifestyle.


We all know that we increase our risk of health problems by sitting all day. This walking desk keeps your body upright and moving.  The Hamster Wheel Standing Desk was designed by San Francisco based  artist Robb Godshaw.  He has also published instructions on how to build your own.  Godshaw and his associates at Autodesk’s Pier 9 fabrication facility created an 80 inch diameter wheel with a 24 inch wide base.  The wheel moves with the four skateboard wheels underneath it.



The wheel is constructed of plywood, glue, and a lot of screws. The only flaw, if you want to call it that is that there are no brakes. The designers did include it initially but opted against it wanting the user to work extra hard and benefit completely from their workout.  The Pier 9 team used Autodesk Inventor for the design work.  The whole project took 24 hours to complete.  It is now proven that our workdays are really a rat race.  The creators say they built it as an alternative to the treadmill desk.  Why should hamsters have all the fun?

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