Hammacher Schlemmer Flying Fire Breathing Dragon – Just for $60,000

You have all probably watched and loved How to train your Dragon. If not that then at least you would be a Game of Thrones fan. Everyone is. Well here is something for you guys. Imagine having your very own living, fire-breathing dragon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

With a wingspan of about nine feet, the Hammacher Schlemmer Flying Fire Breathing Dragon is what you all need to terrorize your enemies. The warning comes along though that it’s extremely expensive and pretty dangerous as well. But did we mention that it can fly?

Flying Fire Breathing Dragon  5

The dragon literally breathes fire that shoots about 3 feet from fiery breath shoots three feet from its fiery green mouth. But the real attraction of this beast is the mini jet engine that is mounted in its stomach. Made of plywood, Nomex and epoxy glass, the dragon is powered by kerosene or jet oil that can take it to heights in about 10 minutes with a speed up to 70mph. It can’t however breathe its propane fueled fire while it is in flight; which is probably for the better, considering that none of us would want to see our dragons explode in mid-air during flight.

Flying Fire Breathing Dragon  3

The beast is designed to be equipped with inconspicuous elevators and ailerons making it possible for the dragon-rider to command his dragon to swoop down on unsuspecting people. Although a radio remote would be used for that. We know how crazy and fun all of this sounds but you need to have the wealth of a Lannister to be able to afford for of these. The big $60,000 price tag is the only thing that stands between you and the dragon at the moment.

Flying Fire Breathing Dragon  2

Just as a safety precaution, we find it necessary to warn you that if you happen to run into one of these R/C monsters do NOT stand around staring at the glowing LED eyes. Run for your life. Because whoever is crazy enough to buy one and can afford one, can probably set the world to flames and get away with it too.

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