Guardian Angel – Drones in Peru to Spot and Guard Archaeological Sites

Drones soar in the blue sky with their bird’s eye view scanning the ground below; looking into the irregularities and any secrets the landscape presents.

Castillo, a Peruvian archaeologist with Lima's Catholic University and an incoming deputy culture minister, flies a drone over the archaeological site of Cerro Chepen in Trujillo

Peculiarly so, these drones do not imply to US military missions but to explore the amazing land of Peru. Equipped with high-tech cameras, they are searching for archaeological sites and in several cases illegal miners, squatters and builders.

This technology is assisting researchers in the Andean nation to carry out 3D mapping of the ancient Incan pre-Incan archaeological sites at a really fast pace-within days at times. As told by Luis Jaime Castillo, a Peruvian archaeologist with Lima’s Catholic University, “With this technology, I was able to do in a few days what had taken me years to do…. we have always wanted to have a bird’s-eye view of where we are working.”

drone 1

As a result of the quick rise in the country’s economy at 6.5% leading to rapid development, scientists are keener on pacing up the preservation of the country’s antiquities.

A drone flies over the archaeological site of Cerro Chepen as it takes pictures in Trujillo

Another archaeologist Ana Maria Hoyle looks at these drones as a very significant tool for conservation of these skies. Peruvian government plans to purchase several more of these birds in the hope to decide if a land slated for development contains any cultural artifacts. Drones have already inspected archaeological sites in Peru this year, including the 13,123 feet colonial Andean town Machu Llacta.

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