GTA Spano On Its Way To The 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The GTA Spano, the pride of Spanish supercars is headed to Geneva for the Geneva International Motor Show on March 3rd.  We first saw the Spano supercar from Spanish firm Spania GTA back in 2009, now the company will be introducing its successor.


Still called a Spano, the rumors are telling us that some extensive visual changes have been made, including a new tail light design, repositioning of the exhaust and a new bumper.  The Spano is going to be powered by an in-house developed V10 8.0 liter twin turbo engine.  The result is an incredible 925 hp and 900 pound feet of torque, which means 0 to 62 mph comes in just 2.9 seconds.  The vehicle also has a top speed of over 230 mph.

spano2 spano1

Aside from receiving a new engine, the GTA Spano also boasts an entirely new body made from carbon fiber, Kevlar, titanium, and grapheme (a thin layer of pure carbon).  The material is much stronger than steel and is extremely light.  To maintain exclusivity, production will be limited to just 99 units.  Let’s just hope the company is inspired when it comes to naming its next supercar.

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