Groundbreaking 3D printed heart saves a baby’s life!

An amazing lifesaving operation was carried out using 3D printing and MRI technology on a two weeks old baby having congenital heart defect; MRI images were taken of the baby’s heart and used to create a 3D map of it to construct it in a proper manner.3dbabyheart

This project was funded by a Connecticut based foundation, Matthews Hearts of Hope. The founder of the foundation proudly suggested the game changing nature of such technique for babies having complicated heart anatomy.3dbabyheart 4

The 3D printed heart helped the doctors and the surgeons to study the heart in proper detail before getting started with the operation to know exactly the route that needed to be taken for a successful surgery. This not only gave rise to a new technique of heart surgery but also reduced the risks of failure. Instead of the conventional way in which the exact problem at heart can only be known by cutting the chest open, this technique has breached all such complexities.  3dbabyheart 2

The surgeon, Dr Bacha, from the Morgan Stanley Hospital in Manhattan used the3D printed heart as a road map which helped avoid two surgeries for the little one. The unnecessary cutting open of the chest just to study the exact defects was avoided and just one operation was required to save the life of the baby.3dbabyheart 1

The 3D printed heart demonstrated all the holes and defects in the structure of the heart chambers and reduced the risks of the complicated and dangerous surgery enabling the doctors to thoroughly study the ins and outs of the heart before diving into it.

An amazing effort at changing lives of human beings, this superb amalgamation of different technological aspects can really add to a positive future.

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