Green Technology – Promession Is An Eco-Friendly Burial Alternative

There are many ways we can contribute to the green movement.  Fuel-efficient cars, eco-friendly lightbulbs or smart thermostats are just a few things we can do to give back to Mother Earth, but have you ever thought about how to be environmentally friendly once  you die?  Even though it’s a hard topic to discuss, it should be discussed nonetheless.  A burial method called Promession, developed in Sweden by biologist Susanne Wiigh-Masak is an environmentally friendly form of burial.

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You may be shocked to hear just how polluting normal funeral practices can be.  Each year, a million pound of metal, wood, and concrete are put in the ground to shield dead bodies from the dirt that surrounds them.  Those who are concerned about the environment are turning to burial methods to minimize the impact their body has once they’re done using it.

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Promession is a relatively simple process that through freezing and vibration, breaks down human remains into a fine powder, with no release of toxins into the air or high energy use usually associated with cremation.  After the funeral service, the body is taken to a chamber called a Promator where it will slowly be frozen to -18 degrees Celsius.  Once fully cooled, using ultrasonic vibration, the body will be shattered until it forms a powder.  The remains are then ready to be moved to a biodegradable corn or potato coffin capsule and sealed up for a burial.   Over the period of 6 to 18 months, the remains will assimilate into soil.

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Wiigh-Masak developed this method over the course of 20 years.  Her main goal was to create the most eco-friendly burial method.  The derived the name from the Italian word for “promise.”   No one has yet been sent off into the afterlife the Promession way, but Promessa, the company developing the service, now has a licensed branch in the UK.  Many countries have shown great interest in this technology, but the first commercia Promator is due to be operating in Sweden.  You spend your life caring for the Earth, but you can now continue this commitment at the end of life as well.

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