Green Gadget – WaterDrop Helps You Save Water

Have you ever considered how much of nature’s resources we waste on a daily basis? The climate change is more about raising awareness and making small changes to our habits rather than taking drastic steps when it comes to an individual. We all know that water resources are going down and experts are actually worried about us running out of water. Keeping this fact in mind, did you know that you waste roughly, on average, about 3.5 liters of water every time you shower and let the water run waiting for the shower to warm up?Green Gadget - WaterDrop Helps You Save Water 2

A Spanish startup Esferic spotted this problem and has come up with a solution in the form of the WaterDrop. It is a foldable watering can that has been designed to collect the above mentioned 3.5 liters of water. The aim of this design is twofold; firstly to save water and secondly to help in promoting a ‘societal shift in water consumption habit’ by spreading awareness that people need to be careful about their water usage.Green Gadget - WaterDrop Helps You Save Water 5

According to Esferic, the daily use of WaterDrop will help users in saving more than 1,000 liters of water per year. It has been made from recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane and is similar to a tote bag that features a reinforced handle to allow the user to be able to easily collect, store and transport water.Green Gadget - WaterDrop Helps You Save Water 4

Users simply have to hold it under the showerhead until the water is warm enough. They can then carry on with the shower and make use of this collected water for other purposes such as watering of plants, flushing the toilet or to fill a mop bucket.Green Gadget - WaterDrop Helps You Save Water

As per Esferic, it has plans of developing an app that will accompany this amazing green gadget, WaterDrop, so that users are able to measure the amount of water they are saving. The company has successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign and shipping is slated for March if all goes well.

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