Google’s Spot Is The Artificially Intelligent Robot Dog

Just when we thought there are no more markets for Google to rush into, they come up with Spot. An artificially intelligent robot dog manufactured to serve in the military. But as the military disapproved their induction in the Army, Spot and Google’s Alpha Dog were left to experience the civilian life.Google's Spot Is The Artificially Intelligent Robot Dog 2

A video was uploaded on YouTube by a venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson. In this video, Spot could be seen encountering a civilian dog for the first time. It was totally amazing to watch as you can imagine. Spot tried to escape first, but this was no shock to anyone, as this was expected from the artificially intelligent creature.Google's Spot Is The Artificially Intelligent Robot Dog Google's Spot Is The Artificially Intelligent Robot Dog 3

The civilian dog Fido, persisted and held its ground. And in time it felt like the civilian dog is actually getting away with it, this is when the military intelligence mode kicked in and Spot crouched. This was the time we knew it was over. Even after Spot was rejected to be a part of the army, Ground Combat Element branch for the War-fighting Lab’s head still believed Spot had a place to serve in the military.

Google's Spot - The Artificially Intelligent Robot Dog (1)
“I see Spot right now as more of a ground reconnaissance asset.” he said. “The problem is, Spot in its current configuration doesn’t have the autonomy to do that.”

It was again, Boston Dynamics that came up with this artificially intelligent masterpiece Spot, weighing 72 kilograms and functioning on electricity efficiently. The hydraulics introduced in Spot allow it to operate and move around on a number of terrains including uneven ones as well. This also enables it to climb steps. Another impressive characteristic of Spot is the weight bearing. It is said to carry loads as heavy as 181 kilograms and move around with it.Google's Spot Is The Artificially Intelligent Robot Dog 4

Google also did very unusual marketing for Spot. Spot and a number of its brothers were seen in a park, pulling a Santa around, celebrating Christmas each as a reindeer. Now that’s some marketing technique, right?

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