Google smart glasses for skiers

Do your friends ever get mad at you for not replying to their texts or not attending their calls while you are off skiing? Worry not and buy the new Google smart glasses specially designed for skiers. It has a pretty cool display that you can see in the corner of the lens of the goggles which displays skier’s speed, location, altitude and distance travelled as they zoom down the slopes.

Google Smart GooglesBut that is not even the good part, the device can be connected with iPhone or Android phone and lets you take your incoming calls, transmitting it to an ear piece embedded in the goggles.

Google Smart Googles

It even allows you to check you Facebook status and comment while you are making your way down the slopes. Not only that, the texts received on the phone are also displayed on the screen and the user can also choose to play music stored in their phones and all this via wireless control worn on the wrist. An accompanying Airwave app allows skiers or snowboarders to choose from 600 resort piste maps, and includes a ‘buddy’ setting to track friends or relatives on the slopes.

Google Smart Googles

The buddy tracking system  allows users to locate their friends using the GPS in the phones and all of the friends and close relatives just pop up on the map just like that. The display in the corner is like viewing a 14-inch screen from 5 ft distance. Without a doubt the coolness of the gadget is off the charts. The price tag on the gadget is $650.

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