GMO Internet Is Offering Partial Salaries in Bitcoin

GMO Internet is a web hosting company based in Japan. The company has offered to pay a portion of the employees’ salaries in Bitcoin. The offer is optional and not compulsory though. Employees can choose from as little as 10,000 yen ($88) to 100,000 yen ($890) of their salaries in famous cryptocurrency. The offer will be extended to a small portion of the workers in February, however, the plan is to extend the offer to all 4,000 employees.GMO Internet Is Offering Partial Salaries in Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been enjoying a roller coaster ride this year. It was at the $1,000 mark when 2017 started and now is steady at $18,000. The forecast shows that it will rise above $20,000 as well. A number of businesses have legitimised the currency and are accepting it thus resulting in its price going up.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

For those of you who are unsure about how Bitcoin works, check out the video below.

GMO Internet and Bitcoin

GMO Internet started cryptocurrency trading and exchange business in May, 2017 and plans on adding Bitcoin mining business as well by January 2018. It will also be launching their own initial coin offering (ICO) for the GMO coin. The owners could cash it to purchase cryptocurrency, nex-gen mining boards and/or piece of cloud mining business.GMO Internet Is Offering Partial Salaries in Bitcoin

The company is confident in this approach and says that this will enable employees to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency, thus, making it easier for them to work on its multiple aspects. The company spokeswoman, Harumi Ishii said, “We hope to improve our own literacy of virtual currency by actually using it.”

Incentive By GMO Internet

There is no concrete prediction about the future of cryptocurrency. Experts, some of them, still believe that it’s just a massive bubble waiting to pop up. Regardless of that, if the employees of GMO Internet do opt for partial salary in Bitcoin, they will receive a 10% bonus. Fingers crossed for how this gamble pans out.

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