GlassOuse Assistive Device Helps People Without Hands To Use Technology

A modified pair of glasses is being used by the tech startup GlassOuse in order to assist people with no hands or no usage of their hands use technology. This new pair of glasses could help revolutionize computer usage in those with restricted mobility.

GlassOuse Assistive Device Helps People With No Hands Use Technology

From amputations to strokes to neurological injury, millions of people live through debilitating physical disabilities around the world which enforce them to reconfigure their lives. Technology can become the most defying feature of a new life for someone who is not capable of using his hands. Constant texts on phone, researching online, or even posting a simple Tweet can turn out to be an extremely problematic task. It has been noticed by the company that more than 30 million people cannot use their smart devices because of their disability. It appears that GlassOuse is the universal device to help with almost any technological requirement someone could have.

GlassOuse Assistive Device Helps People With No Hands Use Technology

The head movement is tracked by the glasses so as to move the cursor accordingly. A durable bite part clicks on whatever someone needs. The clicker is sensitive enough to register small bites yet durable enough to withstand more pressure. The battery cell is capable of being used for up to 15 days of usage without a need for recharge. The app connects to Android and iOS systems as well as Windows PCs, Macs and Linus PCs.

Mehmet Turker, GlassOuse founder, has a very personal connection with the product. An acute spine injury was suffered by a close friend of Turker during diving. After this, Turker observed how difficult it has become to do simple tasks like using a smartphone. He told:

“I am always asking the same question: can I make Caner’s life easier? And that is why I created GlassOuse, which helps Caner and other people like him, to use a smartphone by themselves, just like we do every day.”

Check out the review and demonstration of GlassOuse by a YouTube user Tom Yendell:

There is another aspect that makes the GlassOuse project even more exciting and it is that people can support it in two ways. There are nonprofit and for-profit perks. The reward works the same as any other online product if you want to buy a pair of glasses. You will be guaranteed a pair of GlassOuse glasses after paying $149 and a $30 shipping fee.

GlassOuse Assistive Device Helps People With No Hands Use Technology

And then there is also an option for those who want to help those in need with no use of their own GlassOuse systems. You can gift your set of GlassOuse glasses to someone in need for $100. The company donates a pair of glasses to numerous organizations around the world. You’ll also get a shirt, a certificate and your name listed on the website. You can donate 10 glasses to a non-profit organization for $1,000. And, if you’ve got the capital to donate, a $10,000 donation gives you the previously mentioned rewards and you’ll visit Shenzen to meet the GlassOuse team.

GlassOuse Assistive Device Helps People With No Hands Use Technology

Last summer, the GlassOuse project accomplished its IndieGogo goal. Since then, they have sold units worldwide successfully, as per the company. You can check their website in case you want more information about GlassOuse and their recent projects and offers. Besides, you can also register for a free pair of GlassOuse glasses.

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