Get more battery time on your Android devices

Although the batteries in latest android devices have more juice in them but the new apps drain too much battery as well. Given that it is essential to take measures that ensure a prolonged battery time, one must be on the look for ways to increase the battery time. One of the good practice is to keep the back hand apps off till the time they are actually required.

For demonstrative purposes  Nexus 7 is used which runs on a stock version of Android KitKat 4.4.2, getting to the settings mentioned might vary depending on the device you’re using.


Battery Saving


One of the good features of android device is that it allows the user to have a peek into the amount of battery usage each app takes up thus enabling the user to monitor the overall usage. If you want to view the battery log then go to Settings>Battery. Touch on any of the app and it give a detailed description along with the option to kill the app as well. Be careful though, killing too many apps at once can ultimately leave the device unstable, therefore kill the apps that you are not using and better if you uninstall the battery draining apps they you no longer use.


Battery Saving


Setting>Display>Brightness, once you are there make sure that you use optimal level of brightness, too much brightness can cause more battery drainage on the other hand too low can cause eye strain. It is always better to keep it on a medium level to a point where it lets you work efficiently. Usually working in daylight requires more brightness but other than that its better if indoors the brightness is managed accordingly. There are other options as well, like using static wallpapers can save you battery time and managing the time after which the device goes too sleep can also be helpful.

Battery Saving



Battery Saving


Keeping the wireless technology on when its not in use saves a lot of battery time. Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks and turn Wi-Fi when not in use. Be sure to check the Wi-Fi optimization option. In advanced settings you can choose to keep Wi-Fi off during sleep only when it’s plugged in, which a perfect setting before you go to bed.

It is pretty awesome to get the information regarding your locality but the apps that provide such services use the GPS and that uses up a lot of battery. Turn it off when you do not need it and if any app would require it then the app prompts the user to turn it on.

Battery Saving



It pays to use good quality battery saving apps if you do not  want to manually go through all the trouble. Some of the good apps available out there are:

Battery Doctor:

Battery Saving


It is free and it is really good and easy to use. Install it and let it diagnose your device after which it will tell you what apps you can close and save battery by its built in task manager. It also gets rid of the  “bloatware”  from your device.

Battery Widget Reborn:

For guys and gals out there who want their managing to be done on a micro scale, Battery Widget Reborn is the app to install. It has a free version but that’s ads supported however empty your pockets by just $1.29 and you can buy the awesome app. It has some kick-ass power saving features like it puts the device in air plane mode during the night and it gives a detailed statistics about the battery including its temperature.

Battery Saving


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