GermFalcon Is A Winged Robot That Kills Germs On-board Airplanes

Kreitenbergs, a Father-son duo, joined their heads to give the world of aircrafts a new arsenal. To combat the multitude of germs that are inevitably left behind as airlines function, they have created GermFalcon – a UV germ killer! UV light is known to be an affective germ killer and is being used commercially for this purpose, and is a technological advanced for aircrafts.

GermFalcon UV Cleaner (5)

It looks like a small robot, and produces Ultra-violet radiation to kill germs. GermFalcon has the same foot print as an on board drinks cart and moves smoothly along the aisle, owing to its proximity sensor. It is equipped with wings that spread over the width of the seats and emit UV rays through its UV-C lamps; the same kind used for disinfection in hospitals and water treatment plants. The robot’s top also has UV-C lamps, and it covers the whole aircraft’s inside for disinfection.

GermFalcon UV Cleaner (4)

GermFalcon was tested on airliner seating areas, and the creators claim that exposure to its UV radiation killed 99.99 percent of microbes, within just 10 minutes. The robot is to be used during taxi hours, when it is empty.Germfalcon

Germ Falcon has other modes apart from seating-compartment germicide. It can be set into modes for cleaning lavatories and gallery area. Additionally, it’s equipped with fans and HEPA filters to draw in and trap airborne particles.

GermFalcon UV Cleaner (2)

Arthur Kreitenberg and his son Mo are raising a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund production of their fourth prototype, which will go into commercial production.  GermFalcon UV Cleaner (3)They’re hoping to hit the $25,000 mark to send this into production.



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