Germany to Ban Vehicle Emissions by 2030

With most of Europe already shifting to electric vehicles, Germany is also set to follow course with the country planning to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles by 2030. The Germans are serious about this and they plan to reduce the carbon emission by 85-95% by 2050, sparking a shift to green energy in the country. In this ban, no new gasoline or diesel powered vehicles will be registered in Germany after 2030.

germany vehicle emissions

The reason this comprehensive ban is being discussed is because the German authorities’ feel that they need to cut vehicle emissions if they are to reach the emissions goals set for 2050. The country is hopeful to cut down emissions by 40% by 2020 but electric cars have not been largely accepted in the German community. Germany plans to build over 1 million hybrid and electric battery plugins across the country with that number reaching 6 million by 2030. Sales are expected to increase as the German Automobile giant Volkswagen is still recovering from the emissions scandal.

germany vehicle emissions 2

Currently, there are only around 155,000 registered hybrid and electric vehicles on German roads, dwarfed by the 45 million gasoline and diesel cars currently driving there too. We can only wait and see how the German Car Manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes etc. react to this ban as the gasoline and diesel cars make the significant portion of their sales. While the efforts are certainly not futile, the results of such bans will likely only start to be seen by generations down the line, bettering the world for the future.

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