Genius Kids With Genius Inventions

British designer and inventor, Dominic Wilcox returned to his home of Sunderland and asked over 450 children to draw their own invention ideas.  He then asked local manufacturers to turn those drawings into reality.  The name of his project is called INVENTORS.

inventions by kids 2

After Dominic led a couple of workshops and inventions and ideas.  He noticed how interesting and imaginative the childrens’ ideas were so he wanted to push their ideas further.  The INVENTORS project was commissioned by The Cultural Spring, an organization engaged with bringing creativity and culture to the North East England area of Sunderland and South Tyneside.  The aims of the project are to inspire and encourage children to be creative and imaginative.  The kids were required to explain the purpose of their invention and how it would accomplish its purpose.  “The children were the stars and I gained so much enjoyment seeing them getting excited about their and other people’s ideas, Wicox said.

Just over 600 inventions drawings were submitted by children and some enthusiastic parents as well.  Dominic picked out 60 drawing that he thought had great potential.  The younger inventors were invited to meet the person who would be manufacturing their gadget so that they could explain to them exactly what the invention was.  The makers were given a 4 week dead line in which they had to exhibit the invention.

“Instead of just putting the drawings on the fridge door as most adults do with a child’s drawings, why not push the ideas as far as they can go?  states the project’s website.  “Taking the power of children’s imaginations seriously and see where it leads to.

Here are some of  the inventions.

10. The ‘Tooth-O-Matic’ by Henry Hughes

inventions by kids 8

inventions by kids 14

The Tooth-O-Matic saves you time in the loo, with a 2 in 1 toothpaste and toothbrush contraption.

9.  The ‘Leaf Catcher’ by Elsie Ronald

inventions by kids 7

Elsie was crystal clear on what she wanted.  Now raking the yard of leaves might become obsolete.

8.  The ‘Glasswards’ by Alex Luke Dickers

inventions by kids 6

This young inventor created glasses that allows us to see behind us.

7.  The ‘Pringle Hook’ by Georgia Dinsley

inventions by kids 5

inventions by kids 15

Georgia, who like us all was fed up with having to force her hand into a narrow container of Pringles to get the last few out so she created a hook to easily pull the chips up and out.

6.  The ‘Ezy Slice Fryer’ (Instant Fries) by Isaac Dawson

inventions by kids 16

inventions b kids 13

Save time by slicing your potatoes and frying them at the same time.

5.  The ‘Food Cooler’ by Amelia Liddle

inventions by kids 17

inventions b kids 12

6 year old Ameliya’s fork invention, doubles as a fan for cooling hot food.

4.  Shout Activated Camera

inventions by kids 18

No more pushing a button.  All you have to do is shout into the camera’s microphone to take a picture.

3.  The ‘Disco Headphones’ by Linda Beaton

inventions by kids 19 inventions by kids 20

The glittering balls of Linda’s headphone invention flashes corresponding to timed beats.

2.  The ‘Shady Lamp’ by Layla Amir

inventions by kids 21 inventions by kids 9

You can alter the direction and brightness of this lamp by 11 year old Layla.

1.  The ‘Phone Friend’ by Colin Salmon

inventions by kids 3

Colin designed this invention to help people who are wheelchair bound so that they can have easy access to telephone boxes.

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