Geeky Drawing Illusions By Howard Lee Will Leave You Puzzled

Meet Howard Lee, a British artist that is known for his drawing illusions. He is able to copy whatever he wants, be it bottles, body, money, dolls or sweets.

He graduated in Fine Arts at Wales Aberystwyth and has been living and working in northeast England ever since 2004. Last year, He started a hyper-realistic drawing project that he shares on social media.

The end results are amazing time-lapse videos that have us in awe. He presents the real object along with the drawing and you just can’t tell them apart until he tells which is which. Once this revelation has been made, he explains how it was made. The artist usually makes use of prismacolor pencils, colored pencils, markers, pastel pencils among various other materials.

What follows are his most geeky drawing illusions. Do let us know how you feel about his work.

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