Geek’s research tells that the Ark of Noah was round?

Ancient Ark

Sacred scriptures tells us that Noah built a boat that saved 2 of every kind of animals and a handful of humans in an ark that sailed its way through the catastrophic flood. If you have seen the movie “Evan Almighty”, then you can see the type of ark that we though it was. And contemporary wisdom tells us that it might have been a flat and huge boat with pointy bow at both ends. This however, as regards to new research, is not the case. Recent discovery and research says that the ark was in fact ROUND.  

Mr. Irvin Finkel of the British Museum, who also happens to be assistant keeper of the Middle East section and the author of the book “The Ark Before Noah” is the person who deciphered 4,000-year-old clay tablet from ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) brought in by a man a few years ago that his father acquired back in WWII. Back then it was just another light brown, about the size of a mobile phone and covered in the jagged cuneiform script of the ancient Mesopotamians clay block. Studies on it revealed that the clay tablet too told the story, with shocking similarities to that of the story of Noah,  with detailed instruction to build a giant round vessel known as a coracle, as well as the key instruction that animals should enter “two by two.”

Finkel added that a round vessel was apposite as its shape makes it easy for it to bob about in raging flood waters and he added “It’s a perfect thing,it never sinks, it’s light to carry”. Not to mention in those days Coracles were widely used as taxis. David Owen and Elizabeth Stone, experts in the field also corroborated that round vessels makes sense. The tablet records a Mesopotamian God’s instructions for building a giant vessel — two-thirds the size of a soccer field in area, made of rope, reinforced with wooden ribs and coated in bitumen.

Irvin Finkel

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