Geek Builds Iron Man Suit Capable Of Flying

Iron Man is the real geek out there, right? The Marvel’s Icon has inspired a lot of geeks from all around the world and we keep hearing about die-hard fans cosplaying as the Iron Man, however, few have done what James Hobson has set out to do.geek-builds-iron-man-suit-capable-of-flying

YouTuber, The Hacksmith (aka James Hobson), is trying to come up with a functional Iron Man suit that is capable of flying. Yes, actual flying. He recently successfully carried out his first assisted flight.

Hobson has been at it for a couple of months now. His end goal is engineering an Iron Man suit that is capable of flight. He went through a number of models to create enough thrust that would allow him to sustain elevation. The earlier attempts included using rocket engines – strapped to his arm and although they allowed him to get the required amount of thrust, they burned out on fuel quite fast.geek-builds-iron-man-suit-capable-of-flying-3

For this particular test, Hobson made use of dual EDF – Electric Ducted Fans – for generating 20 pounds of accumulative thrust. It is not enough to sustain flight on its own, however, by making use of weighted assistance Hobson was able to fly.

Hobson has a number of options when it comes to increasing the thrust in order to ditch the weight assistance and increase the flight time. Let’s see when Hobson’s geeky dream of creating a functional suit of Iron Man capable of flying turns into reality.

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