Game of Thrones Season Six Finale Top 10 Moments

There are two types of people in this world. Those who watch Game of Thrones and those who want to watch it. The sixth season of the most successful show on TV came to an epic conclusion today and we certainly loved the finale. They certainly paid off on a lot of theories and there were quite a few surprises as well. Although for devout fans, the finale was a little bit predictable but very exciting nonetheless. This is going to be a review of the season six finale in terms of top 10 moments from the episode so be careful for spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Be warned, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

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10. The Buildup to the trial

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There was some amazing use of silent acting in there. Absolutely brilliant direction and the epic music was just the icing on the cake. We saw Cersei, Tommen, Margaery, Loras and other getting ready for the trial in a great sequence that has to be up there with the best direction moments ever on the show. The silence made things so much more serious and intense than they already were. You could almost feel the tension from the other side of the screen.

9. Loras’ Confession

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Ser Loras Tyrell confesses to all the crime charges that are put up against him by The Faith. It is a very emotional sequence and you can see that Loras is deeply resentful in his eyes, or maybe he was just faking it like his sister Margaery who is acting along being all pious but plans to save her brother and her house, as is later revealed in the episode. Loras even gets the Faith Militant tattoo on his forehead that deeply upsets his sister.

8. Pycelle’s Death

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So the Grand Maester Pycelle finally meets his end in this episode. He is assassinated by Qyburn’s little birds aka children, in the dungeons. Qyburn’s speech before having him executed also sends shivers. But it was a fitting end to a very two-faced character, who is even shown in his more preferable habitat earlier in the episode, which is with one of the brothel girls. Qyburn does seem to be the only accomplice of Cersei that has some sense remaining in him.

7. Sam and the Citadel

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Speaking of wildfire, you can bet that you have not seen the last of it as Sam and Gilly finally reach Old Town and the Citadel. Sam wants to be a Grand Maester and his reaction when he sees the Citadel from the inside is amazing, like he is about to cry out of joy. He will learn a great many things in the Citadel, ranging from how to tame dragons, to how to tackle the White Walkers. The latter might include the use of more wildfire. This sequence also has some comedy attached to it in a much darker episode than usual.

6. Cersei vs Septa Unella

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Who can forget the “shame” nun from season five, the one who asked Cersie to confess and rings the bell during her walk of shame, called Septa Unella. She is captured and Cersie takes pleasure in wine-boarding her, admitting to all her sins and crimes in front of her and even admitting to taking pleasure in torturing her. Septa Unella is in for a rough couple of weeks until she ultimately dies but the way of her death chosen by Cersie is so brutal that it certainly makes one pity her. As you can guess, Cersie is emerging as the one super villain of the show, along with the Night King.

5. The Wildfire Explosion

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Lancel Lannister finds the wildfire in the catacombs below King’s Landing. The stash happens to be directly below The Sept and Lancel discovers it after following and being stabbed by another one of Qyburn’s little birds. Candles are used as fuses to blow up The Sept and everyone in it using that stash of wildfire that most of us had already predicted to exist in King’s Landing. While this is happening underneath The Sept, inside Margaery has predicted that Cersei is up to something and confronts the High Sparrow, demanding to allow everyone to leave but he doesn’t and as a result, everyone inside The Sept burns as a massive explosion is witnessed that brings the whole building down.

4. Tommen’s Leap of Faith

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King Tommen is stopped by Ser Gergor Cleagane from going to The Sept to witness the trial of his mother and for good reason. As The Sept blows up, Cersei watches it from her balcony while Tommen watches it from his room. He was always a very vulnerable and easily manipulated character and seeing the certain death of his wife and the falling of The Sept, he just casually takes of his crown and jumps out of the window and dies. So that means that despite trying to save him, Cersei fails in doing so and with the death of her last child, the one thing keeping her human is gone, which is mother’s love. Later, Cersei Lannister is crowned the Queen of Westeros.

3. Arya Stark of Winterfell

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We see the much awaited reverse version of the infamous Red Wedding. Arya returns to Westeros and goes straight to Walder Frey as a faceless man. She uses a face to hide herself as she serves Lord Frey the “Frey-pies” i.e. pies made out of his family. Then she reveals herself and slits his throat, all the while smiling about it. She has certainly become the strong assassin we all hoped she would become and will surely strike off a few names of her list now that she is back in Westeros.

2. Daenerys Sails for Westeros

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So Daenerys finally sets sails for Westeros. Something we have been waiting for since season two aired. She uses the Greyjoy fleet, some of her own ships and some of the Tyrell fleet. As we see in the episode, Queen of Thorns Olenna Tyrell meets with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes in Dorne. There is one thing on their minds and that is revenge against Cersie and the Lannisters, especially after what she did at King’s Landing to Loras and Margaery Tyrell. Lord Varys shows up there and supposedly convinces them to side with Daenerys as she sails for Westeros and help her win the Iron Thorne. So with the support of three major houses of Westeros, namely Martell, Tyrell and Greyjoy, Daenerys has finally set sail to the West and it is going to be epic when she finally arrives there. Oh and did we mention her three dragons flying overhead? Well, they are.

1. R + L = The King in The North

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Finally, we get the Tower of Joy reveal. We go back with Bran in one of his visions to see Lyanna Stark tell her brother Eddard in a whisper about the boy she has just given birth to and makes him promise that he will protect him. The boy is revealed to be Jon Snow in a very cinematic way to those who did not know about the R+L=J theory. Later, Lyanna Mormont shakes up the Northern lords and makes them remember who the King in the North is. All of the North pledges loyalty to Jon Snow, who is actually a Targaryen as we now know for sure. Littlefinger is there playing his little mind games with Sansa and tells her he sees her beside him on the Iron Throne. Given Sansa’s previous track record, we can expect her to fall in at least one other trap before the series comes to an end. We just cannot wait for the next season to start.

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