Say Hi to The Future of First Aid Kit!

Geeks in medical science are making use of technology like it has been done never before. You put together creativity and geek and then sit back and enjoy the wonders! This article is about a design which will undoubtedly become quite famous. First aid kits are an essential part of any home and there comes a time when one needs to use it on their own. That is where this one will come in handy.

Innovative First Aid Kit Designed to be Used With One Hand-1

Gabriele Meldaikyte is the originator of the idea for an at-home first aid kit. Gabriele is a passionate product designer who completed her two year masters at London’s Royal College of Art, having studied Design Products in June of 2013.  The designer’s compact first aid box holds various salves, not only providing you with the things that you need to treat cuts, scrapes and burns, but also offers guidance on how to treat them using only one of your hands.

Innovative First Aid Kit Designed to be Used With One Hand-2

The first aid kit encompasses three compartments, one dedicated to burns, another to scratches, and a third for more serious cuts. You don’t have to waste your time on figuring out how to best use this kit owing to the arrangement of its contents by injury.

While working in the kitchen burns, minor scratches and deep cuts to the hands are common injuries. The first aid kit has been designed for use with one hand only, so that such common injuries can be treated independently and efficiently. Meldaikyte also created special tools to facilitate one-handed treatment such as a bandage applicator that empowers the patient to apply a bandage much quicker and also the scissors have been substituted with integrated blades.

Nerijus Keblys provided his graphic design services by offering immediate direction through clean, color-coded pictograms. Each compartment of the first aid kit is expanded into its own little tab with instructions recorded in plain English.

Innovative First Aid Kit Designed to be Used With One Hand-3

The chief advantage of this kit is its order in case of emergency. “Standard first aid kits don’t address how they function in real life, where they are often used by someone who has no medical training,” Gabriele said. “I was missing communication, information, and clarity. The biggest issue to me was that there is no system.”

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