Fogo The Smart Multi-Purpose Flashlight

If you’re an adventurist and love being out in the wilderness you’ll also want to have anything and everything you might possibly need in close reach.  Space and weight are precious when you’re packing for your adventure and that’s why the Fogo flashlight was designed to be as complete as possible.

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Fogo is termed “A digital Swiss Army Knife”, the ultimate adventure gadget.  It’s the only gadget that includes GPS, Bluetooth, digital voice messaging, USB backup battery, and a powerful LED flashlight.  With GPS tracking, Fogo can be your guide on a new trail.  You can load points of interest from you smartphone via Bluetooth or USB, while the built in pedometer keeps track of every step you take.


While biking uphill, downhill, or cross country, Fogo tracks your speed, distance, and elevation.  It’s also capable of tracking your heart rate.  The Fogo will keep you safe with its automatic crash detection and location sharing.  The device will come with two bicycle mount adapters.  They will work with the Garmin and GoPro mounting systems.

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While camping you can communicate via walkie-talkie.  You can record and send voice messages as as well.  If you lose Fogo in a dark tent you can easily find it if the ‘blink when bumped’ setting was set.  The flashlight uses its sensors to intelligently adjust the brightness.  The device can also be used as an emergency beacon in case you need to flag down help.    The Digital Walkie-Talkie SmartCap will also be available for order.  The startup Fogo Digital has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the multi-purpose flashlight.  You can order the Fogo flashlight for US $175 and $225 if you want one with the walkie talkie SmartCap.  If everything goes as planned, shipping will begin in September 2015.

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