FOBO: The Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

While you’re on the road, along with a safe journey you want a peaceful journey.  You don’t want to have to worry about things that can go wrong technically.  A group of inventors have developed FOBO Tire, a Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).


The company claims that it’s the first system that works directly with your smartphone.  It works with your Android or iOS device.  The system also comes with an In-Car monitoring unit that works simultaneously with your smartphone to allow you to use the system even if you don’t have your phone with you.  Now there is no guess work involved in figuring out how much air is in that one leaky tire.  The system actively monitors pressures and provides data to the user’s phone on a 24/7 basis.



FOBO  has designed wireless tag for tracking various belongings but it’s the first time this is being offered for cars.  The Bluetooth smart gauge is quite easy to install.  Using a couple of AA batteries for the in-car unit and a single Cr2032 button battery for each individual sensor unit,  the FOBO tire just connects to the app on your phone.  Each tire will receive its own sensor that identifies with the specific tire and allow for accurate readings.  The user will get a three-level alert raised on the phone if one of the tires drops below normal range.  More alerts are sent if the system feels it’s unsafe to drive in those conditions.  When you don’t have your phone with you the system kicks in with a backup system that takes over in the in-car unit.  The device can also be setup to monitor up to 20 cars from one app.


The company says the device is waterproof, and quite durable, being tested in both extreme hot and cold environments.  The batteries are expected to last roughly two years in normal temperatures.  fobo4If anyone steals your FOBO Tire system, it’s very unlikely for anyone else to be able to use it, unless they know your FOBO cloud account password.  This Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system will save you from a bad situation and look good while doing it.

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