FLY12: A Bike Headlight and HD Camera All In One

Cycliq, maker of innovative cycling accessories, has launched a new funding campaign for its latest product, the Fly12.  It’s a combination of a headlight and an HD camera made by cyclists for cyclists.  Cyclists can now ride their bikes safely while recording the action in front of them which might be helpful when trying to prove the other party wrong.


CEO of Cycliq, Andrew Hagen says “This product has been in demand, and we’ve always wanted to enhance the rider experience with a front facing device.  Fly12 is the perfect solution for both commuters riding in low-light conditions and weekend warriors who want to record their rides.”


Fly12 has some interesting features, a 1080p action camera that can record for up to 10 hours in camera-only mode, while the headlight delivers up to 400 lumens for low light visibility.  You can also record video without having to worry about memory being full due to the continuously overwriting loop.  It has the ability to integrate WiFi and Bluetooth so that cyclists can easily share footage.  With a smartphone app riders can view, edit, upload and share their clips on social media.  The headlight assures visibility for up to 75 feet in complete darkness.  The battery will give you a good 10 hours of recording time before needing a recharge.  In case of a serious incident the Fly12 will preserve important footage.  Fly12 is weatherproof so it is pretty sturdy and Nano technology will ensure that water will shed off rather than bead.  It also comes with its own handlebar mount and works with certain Garmin mounts too.


The device’s predecessor, Fly6 has already established itself in the market, so it’s safe to assume that Fly12 will be released regardless of the outcome of the funding campaign.  Whether something has happened on the road that you wish you had captured on camera or you’ve had an amazing experience that you want to share, the Fly12 is a product to have.  The unit will retail for US $399 and the company hopes to deliver between June and August.

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