Flicks: Mobile Party Boombox Projector

Sitting out by the pool? Want to watch a movie or listen to your favourite tunes?  Well, we might just have the product for you.  When it comes to entertainment, bigger and louder are always better.  Flicks has been designed to deliver big and astounding image quality and an unbelievable acoustic performance in an all-in-one design that is portable so you can take it anywhere.


Flicks is a revolutionary entertainment device that combines RGB LED-lit projector, and a high-fidelity wireless speaker system into a beautifully crafted design.  Now you can watch your favourite movies by the campfire or share home movies, photos, or music in your backyard.


An energy –efficient LED was used as the light source when the optical engine was designed.  Full-color RGB LED’s deliver amazing image quality with high-quality color saturation and brightness.  The projection lens was designed with ease-of-use in mind.  The use of plastic aspheric and glass spheric lenses to create razor sharp images and capable of supporting Ultra Throw and displaying a 100 inch image at just over eight feet from the wall.  The device is aesthetically nice looking as well with no visible vents, so it works quietly while looking good too.  The sound quality is uncompromising.  Its unique design features an airtight enclosure that includes two custom designed neodymium speakers with wide dynamic range and a subwoofer with bass radiator system to create amazing sound clarity and crystal clear highs and heart pounding bass at any volume.


Watching movies and TV shows directly from your smartphone couldn’t get any easier.  All it takes is one HDMI cable.  Just switch on Flicks and connect your smartphone to Flicks using the cable.  You can also enjoy live streaming.  Just plug the USB cable to Flicks’ USB port and enjoy.  Charging your smartphone will be easier too.


It isn’t only powerful and loud, it also holds extreme power.  Its efficient battery life last for up to 4 hours of continuous blockbuster movies playtime or up to 28 hours of continuous Bluetooth music playback.  Flicks is designed to be compact and portable.  Grab the built in handle and take your movies to places you thought were not possible before.  The device is extremely user friendly.  Controlling your video and music is just a button away.  Flicks has a built in microphone so you can use it as a speakerphone to take calls from your friends or make conference calls at the office.

The team behind the Flicks mobile party boombox projector says that they have been working on the optical, thermal, and acoustic designs for the past 13 months before presenting their finished product at the Consumers Electronics Show 2015 at Las Vegas.

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