FLIC: A Button to Run Your Life

A Swedish company has just made our lives a tad bit easier.  They have designed a product that makes home automation as simple as a press of a button.  Flic, a wireless smart button allows you to do a range of various actions just by pushing it.


Flic isn’t the first gadget of its type, but it is said to be better and longer lasting.  Setting Flic up is easy using the smartphone application that comes for iOS and Android phones.  The button connects to your phone via Bluetooth.  It has a range of up to 150 feet and will only trigger the given function if it’s in that range.  Flic recognizes different commands that are click, double click, and press-and-hold.

flic5 flic3

There are many things you can do with Flic such as control your lights, play your favourite music, take a picture with you in it, time yourself, send distress signals, hit the snooze button, navigate your home, integrate with smart locks to open you front door, order pizza from your all time favourite pizzeria, find your phone when its stuck under the couch, share your location with friends and family, and make it easy for grandma to call you.

flic4 flic6


Flic has been engineered with a practicality in mind.  It is made of soft silicone with is easy to press.  It can withstand weather and dust.  It works reliably indoors and outdoors.  It’s smaller than a quarter but still has excellent range.  The battery will last up to five years.  It uses a standard coin battery that can easily be replaced.  It sticks anywhere with double sided adhesive.  The Swedish team of entrepreneurs and engineers have been working on Flic for over a year.  Each button will cost $27 and the company plans to ship them out in March of 2015.

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