FIXD: A New Fitness App For Your Car

Nowadays fitness apps are the new craze.  They record your exercise and eating habits with ease, but the makers of a new device aim to bring the same kind of self tracking to another valuable part of your life:  your car.


It’s called FIXD, designed by a Georgia based company, it is a device that connects your car to your smartphone via Bluetooth and delivers updates on everything from when you need an oil change to when you need to replace your filter.  Basically it gives you diagnostic data that allows you to track your car’s well-being.  It will only be available for Android phone users, but the iOS version is being developed.  Unlike other tracking devices, this one doesn’t need to be constantly recharged.  The car is what gives power to the device, so there is no battery, explain John Gattuso, the founder of FIXD.  As long as you car battery is in working condition, your device will work fine.  The FIXD app also tells you how many miles you can go until a particular problem becomes critical and what will happen if you let that problem go untreated.


According to Gattuso there is no system that is un-hackable, but for someone to be able to hack cars using this port would be very difficult…..not impossible.  Another concern regarding this device is having travel information accessed by anyone who can intercept the sensor’s data transmission, even though the company says the software will be protected the same way banks safeguard information online.Fixd App for cars5 Fixd App for cars6

Many people ignore their cars’ problems until it’s time for a service.  The company FIXD could be saving you a lot of money by detecting problems before they cost you big time.  The device will cost $50 and can be used in any modern car.

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