Five Amazing Chinese Bookstores In Pictures

China has always been a heaven for book lovers. From their own ancient texts to modern day English classics, Chinese bookstores hold them all at one place. However, these five bookstores are extra special due to their poetic designs and their beautiful architecture, making them a treat for book lovers from all around the world. Here are these famous five bookstores in pictures because no words can do them justice.

5. Zhongshuge Yangzhou

Zhongshuge Yangzhou 6

Zhongshuge Yangzhou 5

Zhongshuge Yangzhou 4

Zhongshuge Yangzhou3

Zhongshuge Yangzhou 2

Zhongshuge Yangzhou 1

4. Seahorse Library

Seahorse Library 6

Seahorse Library 5

Seahorse Library 4

Seahorse Library 3

Seahorse Library 2

Seahorse Library 1

3. Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 8

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 7

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 6

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 5

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 4

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 3

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 2

Zhongsuhge-Hangzhou Bookstore 1

2.  Liyuan Library

Liyuan library 6

Liyuan library 5

Liyuan library 4

Liyuan library 3

Liyuan library 2

Liyuan library 1

1. Fangsuo Bookstore

Fangsuo Bookstore 7

Fangsuo Bookstore 6

Fangsuo Bookstore 5

Fangsuo Bookstore 4

Fangsuo Bookstore 3

Fangsuo Bookstore 2

Fangsuo Bookstore 1

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