Fitkat: A Wearable Fitness Tracking Device

For all you fitness fanatics out there, there’s a new gadget coming out on the market that’ll help you keep track and help maintain your fitness regime.  The gadget is called Fitkat.  It’s an advanced wristband that inspires and motivates you to stay fit.FitKat (2)

The Hong Kong based fitness tracking company is developing  a physical band and a custom app to go with it.  This wearable device and mobile application will hopefully make staying fit easier.  Fitkat allows you to measure your steps, distance, calories burned, and how active you’ve been.  You can see call notifications on display with compatible mobile devices.  You can get reminded that it’s time to drink water because we all know how important it is to get hydrated and how easily we all forget.   An added feature is being notified instantly when you receive an email, a Whatsapp message, or an alert from any social networking page.  In case of an emergency, simply double click on the emergency button to send out an SOS alert with your location to get help.  The battery lasts for 7-8 days before needing a recharge.  Other than keeping you up-to-date with your most important appointments and giving you reminders on how to maintain good fitness habits, it allows you to use a ‘Guardians’ feature which allows you to install up to five emergency contacts who will be given notice if your SOS goes off, they will also be able to check your progress.FitKat (1)

Fitkat was established by Indian business visionary Chirag Jagtiani.  He says “We have two catches on the gadget.  One is a multi capacity catch that permits you to change the mode on the screen so you can check your steps, calories, water consumption, and so forth.  The other catch is a devoted crisis catch that sends a notice to five of your watchmen informing them that you’re in a crisis.”  Jagtiani also says “When you’re in a crisis, you have a window of around 10-12 seconds when you have to get your telephone, open it, make a call to somebody and let him/her know where you are.  To spare all that inconvenience, once your gadget is combined with your telephone, you simply twofold tap it and naturally get help.”FitKat (3)

Fitkat is predominantly trying to capture users in markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Thailand (where it plans to open an office sometime in January) after an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the gadget will be hitting the market for a bargain cost of US $69.99.   So once you own the Fitkat wearable device, you’ll be able to stap on top of your goals, keep you motivated, and allow others to view your performance and help you improve too.

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