First Trailer for 'Thor: The Dark World' released

The trailer looks amazing, and the film promises to be amazing. It has great action and drama, it also has a known face from a beloved video game. Now lets dive into the trailer, and try to understand what is happening.

Have they really not learned anything from “The Avengers”, don’t keep super villains in Glass prisons.

Everyone’s Favorite villain is back

Quick, someone call the Avengers
The world can wait, have to Save her first.

You remember that bridge, from the first Thor that was broken, its working now.

They decided on his house.

Mandatory Idris Elba shot.

Kat Dennings is back, Yay?

Our Dynamic Duo.

‘Final climatic shot’

Wait, wait, wait, is that?

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Thane Krois? of race Drell, from Mass effect 2. Oh! Thor is gonna get some.

All and all, the trailer looks promising, not too long and revealing, that is the important thing. These days trailer seem to give away the entire film.  The movie is releasing this year on November 8 (USA).

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