First Tesla Owner To Summon Car With Apple Watch

Tesla is know to have the most outrageous features as it is……now you can summon your car with your Apple Watch.  Mark Schey, a Tesla owner was able to send a ‘summon’ command to his Tesla Model S P85D.  The instruction caused his car to turn on, open the garage door, back into his driveway, and close the garage door.  It’s  a technological innovation that will save commuters precious time.

summon tesla with apple watch 3

Being able to control your can autonomously is amazing.  The app goes by the name of “Remote S for Tesla,” developed by Rego Apps.  After Schey’s video hit YouTube, the developers jumped into the comments section to congratulate him on successfully summoning the car.  The congratulatory message was for an odd reason, too:

Hey! Developer of Remote S here.  Congrats on being the first  person in the world to summon a car from a watch!  I actually didn’t have my Apple Watch with me when I was coding this feature, so I’m not the first person to be able to do this.  

summon tesla with apple watch 2

The message also included a tip for the app, the commenter told Schey to try using the remote/keyless-start feature to be able to summon the car without a key fob.  Using that feature would allow an owner to “summon the car without physically being near the car at all.”

summon tesla with apple watch 1

The iOS developer Allen Wong explains some of the features about your Tesla Car including charging status, speed, position, and temperature, and it also lets you perform some basic tasks, such as starting the car or unlocking it.  This is the future people…..ready or not…here it comes!!!

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