First-Ever Autonomous Car Finishes Roborace With A Crash

Formula E’s Buenos Aires ePrix: autonomous racers has been joined by a unique addition. In the opening Roborace, two self-driving cars raced before the ePrix.  The race did not go very well as a dog came out in the middle of the course. However, the autonomous cars fortunately evaded the four-legged obstruction.

Through the remaining of the course, the two cars raced at respectable speeds of 115 mph (185 kph). One of them took a turn too strong, thereby crashing into a wall.

Justin Cooke, chief marketing strategist, told the BBC; “One of the cars was trying to perform a maneuver, and it went really full-throttle and took the corner quite sharply and caught the edge of the barrier.”

Roborace and others viewed the inaugural race a successful one despite the setbacks and crashes. Nobody got hurt due to the crash as opposed to most other races.

Cooke stated; “It’s actually fantastic for us because the more we see these moments the more we are able to learn and understand what was the thinking behind the computer and its data. The car was damaged, for sure, but it can be repaired. And the beauty is no drivers get harmed because… there is no-one in them.”

Instead of a remote-controlled system run by humans, AI software and a Lidar system were employed by the racecars known as Devbots.  The sensors allow them to communicate with other cars on the track, thus avoid collisions (or at least try to avoid them).

Well, you must know that this was not the first time for these Devbots to take up the pavement. On the Donington Park circuit last year in the UK, one Devbot was debuted by Roborace. But, this marks the first time two Devbots went head to head.

First-Ever Autonomous Car Finishes Roborace With A Crash

The next showcase of the Roborace will be held at the Formula E race in Mexico City. At present, that race has been scheduled for the 1st of April.


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