Feel Your Messages With the TactPuck by Tactonics

We are seeing new forms of communication every day.  First there was instant messaging, then text messaging, the Twitter, now there is Snapchat and Yo.  There is a new New Jersey startup, Tactonics, which is working on the concept of Sensory Messaging.


To give you an example of what Sensory Messaging is we would like to give you an example.  Imagine a young man giving his girlfriend a beautiful, heart-shaped pendant necklace for Valentine’s Day.  The pendant is equipped with aTactonics Sensory Messaging insert, or TactPuck.  As times goes on he wants to let her know that he’s thinking about her.  On his smartphone is a TactSpace app from where he sends her a message.  She doesn’t receive the message on her phone, instead the pendant necklace begins pulsing in a heartbeat manner.  Once she feels it against her skin, she is instantly reminded that he loves her.  It’s a more personal form of communication.

The company tells us that the technology consists of a coin-sized, Bluetooth-enabled device called a TactPuck and accompanying TactSpace smartphone app.  The TactPuck is designed to offer a new way of expressing yourself from afar.  Your messages don’t need to be cheerful all the time, we’re sure the system could be used to let a contact know you’re angry or sad.  Users will be able to select from pre-programmed tacts or create their own.  The app will show you which of your contacts is wearing the TactPuck, so you can be assured that your message doesn’t go unnoticed.TactPuck by Tactonics2

There are many kinds of stimuli; pulsing, vibrating, illuminating, heating up or cooling down, and many more.  The products that can hold and embedded TactPuk are countless too, necklaces, watches, clothing, photo frames, teddy bears, almost anything.   The difference between this product and other technology that’s already being used is that it provides mobile phone users the option of voice-less, as well as text-less communication.  Wouldn’t it be cool to receive messages that don’t have to be read, heard, or even seen?TactPuck by Tactonics

The TactSpace mobile app was selected as a finalist in the Innovation World Cup at last week’s Wearable Technologies Conference.  Tactonics is searching for investors to help with the funding it needs for developing working prototypes of the TactSpace app and TactPuck device.

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