30 Fat Loss Tips – Part 1

Who isn’t worried about their weight? This article comes as part 1/6 of a total of 30 tips we have compiled for you on how to keep your weight in check. Before you start reading the article, please remember that nothing beats a healthy balanced diet, working out regularly and taking enough sleep! Enjoy the article.

5. Snooze to Lose

5. Snooze to LoseWe’ve all always heard that a healthy sleep is necessary to remain healthy. Well, that is the conclusion of a 16 year study at Harvard as well. The findings of this study are astounding indeed; the researchers have concluded that persons who are sleeping either five hours or less than five hours a night are bound to gain more fat as compared to those who take a 7 hour sleep by 32 %. This more fat comes around to be 33 pounds and is almost 2 pound annually. Sanjay Patel, M.D., study author says; ‘Due to accumulating fatigue, those who get the least shuteye may also move around the least during the day.’

4. Eyes are misleading

4. Eyes are misleadingIs the bowl you’re eating your cereal in, a big bowl? If yes, then you might be eating more than what you think you are. According to researcher Brian Wansink, Ph.D; ‘It’s called the size contrast illusion. Because food takes up a smaller percentage of space in larger dishes, it seems like you’re eating less. The research was carried out at Cornell University and the conclusion which has been drawn is as follows; people eating from larger bowls usually end up eating more as compared to when someone eats in a smaller bowl. The remedy is to use measuring cup to ensure you’re eating proportionally.

3. A quick Workout

3. A quick WorkoutMost of us find excuses to not workout and the most famous one is; I don’t have time for such long workouts. Well, researchers from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville have come up with a research that can prove quite helpful. According to the team, an eleven minute workout will help you torch more fat even when you’re asleep. The study involved people who lifted weights for the mentioned time duration only three times a week and it resulted in an increase in their metabolic rate. This increase was also noted even when they were asleep. Study author Erik Kirk, Ph.D. said; ‘The process of breaking down and repairing your muscles increases your metabolism.’ Since the workout is only of eleven minutes, those who took part in the study were able to include it in their schedule almost 96% of the time.

2. Pay Attention to Lower Body

2. Pay Attention to Lower BodyFor those of our readers who do not know, our lower body muscles have more mass as compared to our upper body muscles. During a new Syracuse University study, it has been proven that if you want to lose the fat on your belly then you better not ignore your lower body. The study has proven that people end up burning more calories after a lower body workout (resistance training) as compared to the day after they had worked their upper body. Study Author Kyle Hackney, Ph.D. says; ‘Leg muscles like your quads and glutes generally have more mass than the muscles in your chest and arms. Work more muscle, and your body uses more energy to repair and upgrade it later.’ But hey, don’t tire yourself or over work the muscles.

1. Fight Stress – Hit the Gym

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of PaperThis one in particular is quite an interesting research. Harvard researchers carried out a study on a group of 1,355 Americans and have concluded that a stressful job is directly proportional to making you gain more fat. It was found that people with less authority were usually overweight and gained more weight as compared to people who had more authority. Here comes a fun fact; not being able to make decisions is directly connected to stress. Now how does this relate to the fat gain? It’s simple, as study author Jason Block puts it, eating can be calming when you’re in a stressful situation since it triggers the release of endorphins which are responsible for improving our mood. Jason suggests that either you gain more authority or start working out regularly since that is an effective way of burning fat and keeping the stress away.

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