A Fan-made Trailer, for the 'Man of Steel' Sequel Shows Just how Good it can Get.

Youtube user Soylent Brak 1, made this amazing trailer for next Man of steel movie. With all the controversy surrounding Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman, after watching this trailer many people would calm down. It includes Ben Affleck as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor (and a special guest as Alfred).

Seriously, this video does more to convince me that Ben Affleck can pull off Batman than any numbers of Internet screeds. Warner Bros. should probably send this guy a thank-you card for the p.r. help, if not an actual check.

Use of Elysium to simulate Lex’s battlesuit, and the shots from State of Play for Bruce Wayne, and Cranston as Luthor. This trailer does it all, and shows us how good the movie can be if it is written and managed at that site well and Jeremy Irons as Alfred, well the choice is not bad.