Exotic And Endangered Animals in Pakistan

Wild life plays a healthy and productive role in an ecosystem.  Wild life constitutes all naturally occurring animals and plants in nature without human intervention of any kind.  Pakistan is blessed with some of the wildest species of plants and animals.  This country represents a great geographic and ecological diversity.  The wildlife of Pakistan is threatened and decreasing.  We have to take strong, practical steps to preserve our national treasure.   Many of these animals are going to be extinct if we don’t do something NOW.

15. Snow Leopard

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Native to the mountainous regions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in Pakistan, the Snow Leopard, a ferocious animal is the National Heritage Animal of Pakistan.  This leopard is generally smaller than other ‘big cats’, this Snow Leopard weighs 30-70 kgs.  It is on IUCN’s List of Endangered Species.

14. Mugger Crocodile

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The Mugger Crocodile is one of the largest, most ferocious creatures found in Pakistan.  This species is found in lakes and marshes around Karachi.  At one time the Mugger Croc could be seen basking in the sunlight in places like Maghopir, but now it is on the List of Endangered Species because it’s being hunted and killed for its hide.

13. Siberian Ibex

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How beautiful this animal is.  The Siberian Ibex live above the tree line in Northern Pakistan.  This heavyweight goat flaunts his large horns that grow up to 45 inches in height and their tan hide that keeps them warm in the cold climate.

12. The Blue Whale

Blue whale, California 

One of the largest animals to ever exist, the extraordinary Blue Whale populates the Arabian Sea, growing to a magnificent size of up to 33 meters in length.  You might be lucky enough to spot one if you’re out on a cruise ship.

11. Marco Polo Sheep

A group of Marco Polo sheep rams (Ovis ammon polii) pause on a snowy slope in the eastern Pamir Mountains, Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Region, Tajikistan.

Measuring up to 1.9 meters, the horns of the Marco Polo Sheep make them the longest horns of all sheep in the world.  Their spiralling horns make them unique and stand out from the rest!

10. Himalayan Monal Pheasant

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This gorgeous creation is found in the Himalayan regions of Pakistan.  The Himalayan Monal Pheasant is the national bird of Nepal.  The pattern and colors of plumage in this particular species is an explosion of blue, purple, green, orange, yellow and much more.  No artist could enough colors on his palette to reproduce such a masterpiece.

9. Markhor

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The largest member of the goat family, the Markhor is truly a majestic animal.  It is the national animal of Pakistan.  It has beautiful horns and hide which have made it so popular.  Since only 2,500 Markhor adults remain, it is classified as being endangered by the IUCN.

8. Indus River Dolphin

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Found in the Lower Indus Basin, the Indus River Dolphin is a friendly creature seen bouncing around boats and putting on a show for those who want to watch.  This creature is also endangered, but there are still over 1,000 of these mammals in Pakistan.

7. Moon Bear

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This cute and cuddly animal known as the Moon Bear is described as “The most bizaare of the ursine species.”  It is found in the Himalayas.  Its actual name is the Asian Black Bear, but the crescent shaped, white patch on its chest has led it be called the Moon Bear.  It’s a herbivore by nature, but it can be quite aggressive.

6. White Headed Duck

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This unique duck can be found in open water bodies across Pakistan.  A white head and blue bill is characteristic of the adult male.  It’s truly a miracle of nature.  The females’ bills are brown to go with their white head and brown body.  Due to the decline in population, the White Headed Duck has also become endangered.

5. Fishing Cat

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Did you think cats are afraid of water?  Think again!  This wildcat is an amazing species whose home is in Pakistan.  It used to be a common sight in the wetlands, but the population has dwindled due to the destruction of the cat’s natural habitat.  The Fishing Cat hunts fish and can also swim long distances, up to 15-20 km.

4. Soft Shelled Turtle

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One of the rarest types of turtle to have been found on Pakistan soil is the Trionychidae, also know as Soft Shelled Turtle.  It has a snorkel-like nostril and a leathery soft shell.  This reptile is easily distinguishable from other turtles.

3. Siberian Crane 

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The snowy white body, beautiful long legs, and smooth beak make this one of the most attractive birds found here.  The Siberian Crane is a migratory bird of the South Asian region.  It is now endangered because of the loss of their natural habitat and pollution. One can still observe flocks making their way into the country during the winter season.

2. Red Fox

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A sleek, sharp, look fox with a striking red coat and the trademark fox features make this a favourite amongst animal lovers.  The Red Fox is a carnivore, travel in small families and can be a nuisance for farmers by hunting down chicken and other farm animals.

1. Wooly Flying Squirrel

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It looks kind of like a bat but it’s actually a squirrel.  The Wooly Flying Squirrel is a nocturnal rodent whose home is the Gilgit region of Pakistan.  They are approximately 1.5 to 2 feet in height making them the largest squirrels in the world.  Once again a loss of natural habitat has made these unique creatures a Critically Endangered Species.

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