Ever Wondered How A Shotgun Works? Here’s How!

The geek inside us have always wondered how stuff works!

It’s one thing to read about it; barely creating a mental image from a description is gives a somewhat mild sense of gratification. But LOOKING at it with our own eyes.. well, that’s a different picture! (pun intended)Working of a shotgun

We may not be able to look at a lot of things in action, but Larry Potterfield, the CEO of Midway USA has helped us with one thing for sure: How a Shotgun Works.

Larry has skillfully cutout a shotgun to reveal its insides, while it remains perfectly functional. He’s made a video to demonstrate the inner workings of a Winchester Model 12, the last number of which was produced in 1980, long after it had enjoyed 68 years of production.

This 12-gauge pump action rifle has seen the best of both worlds. Used extensively in the military, it starred in the Hollywood, movies such as Dirty Harry and The Godfather.Inside a Shotgun

Let’s join Larry and see how it works:

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