Ergonomic Mouse Will Tell You When You Need A Break

Being a daily-user of a mouse, you will be familiar with the distress caused by holding it for a long time. An innovative ergonomic mouse is being planned to be brought into the market by a crowdfunding project. Bringing together an upright, neutral gripping position, the ergonomic mouse will let the user know when to take small breaks via visual signals.Ergonomic mouse tells you when to take a break (1)

Displaying an upright design shared by ergonomic input devices such as Evoluent Vertical Mouse, a glimpse at the R-Go Break enlightens you that the ergonomic mouse is not a regular mouse. Hold the R-Go Break in a neutral position, just like you would hold a joystick, in order to prevent twisting of your arm onto the desk as you would probably in case of a normal mouse. As per the company, this guarantees that you move the mouse with your arm instead of your wrist, hence, minimizing stress.

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The reason that makes R-Go Break stick out as compared to the grip mouse crowd is its model designed to cut off the bad habits. An LED indicator is present on the thumb side of the mouse that glows green, orange or red telling you if you are “good to go,” should take a break of are long overdue for one.

The concept is to avoid overloading tendons and muscles in the wrist and arm by making the user take small regular breaks from holding the mouse. The company deems it to have a large positive health impact on the society.

The ergonomic mouse is a wired device having two buttons at the front, forward and back clickers on the side, and a scroll wheel in the center. Its sensitivity is adjustable, with 500, 1,000, 1,800 and 2,500 DPI options available and certainly, the R-Go Break is an input device at heart.

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At the present, the right-handed model of this mouse is available. Nevertheless, the company plans on launching it in a design that is suitable for left-handed users in 2017 if the initial release turns out to be popular.

Lately, the project started marketing on Indiegogo and is expecting to raise US$20,000 by the next month to fund production. Pledges kick off at US$49 and if everything goes well then the company plans to dispatch early units in September this year.

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An overview of R-Go Break is provided in the following videos.



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