EMVIO, Wearable Device, Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Stress Level!

Wearable devices are really big now-a-days with watches and fitness monitors.  Now the new Emvio Smartwatch by Darta Systems will be hitting the markets.  You won’t be texting on it, instead it is focused on stress prevention.  The company has just launched a Kickstarter, looking to raise $250,000 Canadian.

emvio2 emvio1

It’s a smart wearable device that measures your stress level, heart rate, and physical activity.  It tells when your stress reaches certain thresholds and helps you get back on the right track through your smartphone.  The device measures your heart rate constantly and shows your stress level on a scale of 0 to 10.  The watch relies on Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone.  It has a highly sensitive optical pulse sensor, a touch sensor for skin contact, a 3-axis accelerometer, and touchscreen buttons.  The companion app help you make sense of your data and offers tips.  emvio5Over time the device will teach the user to break the cycle of stress before it gets out of control.  It can also track activity levels and calories burned.  Whenever Emvio vibrates to alert you to rising or falling stress, your phone will get a push notification asking you to record details about the event, what caused the stress, or what you did to decrease your stress.


CEO and co-founder, Valery Kuryshev says, “One key to combating stress is to pay attention to the physical signs, but it’s difficult to do while you’re in emotional turmoil.  Stress tracking tools like our Emvio make this awareness possible.  Being mindful of your stress reactions in the heat of the moment goes a long way to boosting productivity, work satisfaction, and your relationships.”


Men’s and women’s models feature a variety of colors and materials.  It can also be used independently of a smartphone.  Early bird backers can get in on the action for US $129.  If the campaign is successful, they’ll be sending them out in November.

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