Long Fingernails n Touchscreens – Elektra Nails

Why do we all love CES? Oh well it is because of all the gadgets we get to try out and see new ideas being implemented.CES 2014 Some of them are weird while some of them bring solutions to everyday problems. This time around at CES 2014, we found one such gadget that may very well be the cure to female’s issue with using the smartphones. Elektra Nails at CES 2014

We all know long finger nails and touch screens don’t really work too well together. So what to do? How do you make it possible for females with longer nails to make use of touch screens without much frustration?



Elektra Nails, that’s how! These artificial fingernails can be used as a stylus thanks to their capacitive tip. You’re thanking CES now, are you not?


Elektra Nails

Invented by a dermatologist, these glue-on nails are essentially a stylus extending from your finger. Cool, right? You only need to wear one on your index finger and it takes care of the rest using a light, fiber-based material to connect with touch screens. And yes, you can customize Elektra nails by painting it with the same color you use on the rest of your nails. Just be sure to avoid painting the bottom half of the plastic. 


Elektra Nails in actionSo ladies, what are you waiting for? Elektra Nails allow you to text and swipe more easily on your smartphones, which makes them a must-buy on your list.How many of you plan on purchasing this gadget? Let us know in the comments below!

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