Egloo – Candle Powered Heater

With electricity prices skyrocketing, people are thinking of alternate ways of keeping warm.  Candles are often used for decoration, or to make a room smell nice, but now with a product called Egloo you can used them for heating.  The concept was developed by Marco Zagaria, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.


The idea of heating your room for 10 cents a day seems a bit far fetched, but if what the company claims is true, we might have millions of people switch to Egloo.  The basic concept behind this product is providing a cheaper and more ecological way of conserving energy and using the features of terracotta that stores the heat and gradually releases it by radiation.


Egloo is composed of four elements:  the base, the grill and two domes.  The base is used to position your candles.  The metal grill supports the domes, making space to let air in which is necessary for the combustion of the candles.  To function properly, four candles are needed.  With an average duration of five hours they are enough to warm up a 20mq environment.  The thinner of the two domes is placed on the base and stores a high rate of heat which passes on to the external dome.  The dome’s air intake facilitates the exit of warm air that is stored between the domes, allowing thermal exchange with the environment.


Though this seems like a Do It Yourself project, but a lot of research went into designing this.  Once a sketch of the product was complete, models were made for evaluating before a prototype could be manufactured for testing and improving features.


Egloo has a simple and compact shape and weighs only 1 kg.  It only takes 5 minutes to start working.  After only 30 minutes the temperature of the environment surrounding the Egloo will increase 2 to 3 degrees.  It is available in natural, colored, and enamelled.  In just 5 days the project has surpassed its goal of $30,000.


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