Edward Snowden Designs A Phone Case That Can Detect Data Monitoring

Edward Snowden is famous for his whistle blowing of many of the world’s secrets and for being a former NSA Contractor. However, he has just released a phone case that would tell you if your data was being monitored. Snowden partnered up with Andrew Huang, a hacker, to bring this phone case to life. A working prototype hasn’t been released yet but the duo have released some papers detailing how the case can be and will be made.

edward snowden phone case

The case has a cover to keep the camera from being activated as well as a rear screen to alert you of any monitoring taking place. Part of how the case can monitor your phone’s data use is through wiring to the SIM slot. This allows the case to monitor your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data and radio usage. Snowden and Huang felt the need of this case because people are never safe from mobile data monitoring even when they think they are. The case will initially be available for iPhone 6 only but will be adapted to fit any mobile soon.

edward snowden phone case 1

The device was originally developed for journalists working overseas under threat of foreign governments intercepting their data but the duo believes that everyone could and should benefit from this technology. We are certainly waiting for them to release their first prototype to the market so that we can use our mobile freely again.

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