Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Ready to Hit the Market

Imagine using the same toothbrush for the rest of your life.  Ewwwww……right?  Well, Portland based company, The Goodwell Company wants you to do exactly that.

eco tooth1

The Goodwell Company’s ‘toothkit’features a reusable handle with replacement toothbrush attachments.  Founder Patrick Triato, an industrial designer by trade came up with the idea after his 33rd birthday when he decided to create a sustainable product that would outlive him.  As he was researching eco-friendly products, he came across a picture with a dead bird that had a full toothbrush in it and it hadn’t decayed at all.  Thinking about how many toothbrushes people use and throw away which don’t decompose shocked him.

eco tooth4 eco tooth3 eco tooth2

What Triato didn’t expect was how fast his idea would catch on.  The toothbrushes are manufactured in Portland.  The black bristles are made of binchotan, a Japanese charcoal that minimizes bacterial reproduction on the brush and can give you fresh breath, even without toothpaste.  The flossing and tongue scraping attachments are made from bamboo composite.  All biodegradable materials being used means you can throw the brush into the compost rather the trash.  Triato hopes to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in Pacific Ocean or birds’ stomachs.

eco tooth6 eco tooth5

The Goodwell toothbrush unscrews at the bottom so that the user can store toothpicks or aspirin inside the handle.  This little space can also house a data tracker, making it a smart toothbrush.  An optional subscription service means you can receive replacements each month.  Packages start at US $59, but if you want the whole kit, including flosser, tongue scraper, and carry case it’ll cost you $ 79.  Goodwell has received more than 350 pre-orders so far.

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