Eco Cooler Is An Air Cooler That Uses Zero Energy

Summer is here. For some, it’s a time of fun and outdoor activities. But for others, it’s the time of the year you would much rather spend in an air conditioned room to escape the unbearable heat. In countries like Pakistan, the temperatures often reach 50 degrees Celsius during the peak summer months and everyone does not have the access to air conditioners owing to the economic backwardness of the region. To help those poor people out, a team of developers have invented the Eco Cooler that uses 2-liter bottles to cool up the temperature of a space but up to 5 degrees Celsius. This makes a huge difference to those with no access to ACs.

eco cooler zero energy 1

Here is how it works. The Eco Cooler uses some basic principles of Fluid Dynamics. The air cooler works by realizing that as air speeds up, the temperature decreases. The system uses soda bottles to speed up that small breeze and cool houses down. By laying out a grid of 2-liter bottles, as a breeze hits the open end of the bottle, it is pushed and constricted through the nozzle, speeding it up, and therefore cooling it down.

There are obviously a few limitations for the device, as you can’t make a breeze appear on a calm day, but when the breeze is present, this device works wonders on the internal temperatures of houses. If you want to make the device yourself, you can download the manual and use your basic knowledge of physics to cool your house down. Here is a video of how the cooler works:

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