Dyson’s Inventions – The Vacuum Cleaner for City people

The DC49 Multi Floor 2Science and technology are always working to make our lives comfortable. How many of you live in apartments or in small houses? If you do then no doubt keeping a full scale vacuum cleaner is going to be a problem. Sir James Dyson proposes a solution; A Tiny Vacuum that is the perfect tool for cleaning up messes no matter how tiny they are. The best part; the vacuum cleaner itself is almost the size of a child’s toy and weighs in at 11 pounds.The DC49 Multi Floor 3 Imagine the ease and comfort! It is powered by a motor and as per Sir Dyson it is ‘Extra quiet’. The key idea behind this gadget was to come up with a vacuum cleaner that is easier to store and use. The DC49 Multi FloorOne can carry this easily around and use it in tight corners with comfort. The vacuum cleaner is named The DC49 Multi Floor and comes with a standard vacuum cleaner head that can be attached. It also comes equipped with the Dyson Ball Tech which allows for the pivoting of vacuum to help steer it better.

The DC49 Multi Floor 4All in all, a wonderful innovation and a must have if you are a city dweller.

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