All Dutch Trains Run With Wind Power Now

All Dutch trains acquire 100 percent of their power by means of wind energy from Jan. 1, 2017. This decision comes from a 10- year energy deal, as per national railway company NS. At first, a date of 2018 was set by NS and electric company Eneco.

Ton Boon, NS spokesman, stated, “So we in fact reached our goal a year earlier than planned.”

All Dutch Trains Run With Wind Power Now

According to Eneco account manager Michel Kerkhof, the partnership is unique. He said in a statement:

“What makes this contract and partnership unique is that a whole sector decreases its CO2 footprint enormously and sets an example for other sectors to follow.”

It has been reported by ‘DutchNews’ that 2,200 functional wind turbines are helping power the country and are producing enough power to deliver energy to 2.4 million Dutch homes. Nevertheless, energy consumption for the train system come to about ‘1.2 billion kWh’ each year, owing to ‘5,500’ train trips daily. Approximately 600,000 people are carried by Eneco’s fleet of trains every day.

As per NS, one windmill for an hour has the ability to power a train for 120 miles.

All Dutch Trains Run With Wind Power Now

In addition to the Dutch, the US is also in search of ways for the improvement of renewable energy production, especially wind. More than 48,800 turbines operate in the US, as per the American Wind Energy Association. They put out nearly 74,000 MW in 2015.

However, the progress does not come to a stop here for the NS and Eneco. The collaboration aims to decrease the energy use per passenger another 35 percent by 2020 when compared with figures from 2005. Besides, the total megawatt output from the 2,200 turbines (3,379 MW) doesn’t meet the Netherland’s energy agreement with the rest of the EU.

But, the Netherlands has enough time to enhance wind power and sustainable energy methods even more as the target was set for 2023. It is being anticipated by many energy officials that the Netherlands will meet the 2013 agreement and predict that 16 percent of Dutch energy will come from sustainable resources.


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